Written by Debra Olshan Cooper,
President and Founder of Your Career Design lab

How many of you are going through the “stuckies?” A place where nothing you are doing seems to be moving through the mucky waters. The deep muddy waters that are grabbing hold and not allowing you to be in your flow?

Oftentimes in life, we go through a period of whatever we do or trying to do feels like sh*t. The constant monkey mind of what am I doing? Where am I going in my life, career? How am I ever gonna find my soulmate or roommate? How am I gonna advance in my life? The constant questioning that keeps us stuck.

The powerful flow of life and practicing non-resistance is where the opportunities lie. It is there that life does not always give us what we want, but it does give us what we need. Life does not happen to us. It happens for us. With this mindset, we begin to push out the sh** that does not serve us and begin to recognize our strength is to loose the bull and start to get into a flow that brings the fulfillment we desire in life.

Throughout history and our lives, we have used the word SHIT to describe our situations, our feelings, our thoughts, and our worlds. Some words we use to describe our state of being:

  • This is full of shit
  • I feel shitty
  • What a piece of shit
  • Shit me
  • Can you believe this shit?
  • How can you be such a shit?
  • Chickenshit
  • Bull Shit
  • shithead
  • I am a shit
  • You are a shitty person
  • This situation is shitty
  • My boss is a shit head
  • Let that shit go
  • This is a shit show
  • He/She is a piece of shit
  • What a shit
  • I have shitty parents
  • I live in a shit hole

I have often thought that it would be wonderful if someone came up with the idea of having a colonic for your brain, so all the shit that we think about every day that is just clogging us up could be easily cleansed, and we could start every day with a cleaned out brain, why just our assess? We are mentally, spiritually, and emotionally clogged.

I have often wondered why we continually find ourselves in the same container of thoughts that do not serve us. It’s like whipping up Kraft Macaroni and Cheese every day, knowing how bad it is for us, but we continue to eat it. Why do we continue to allow to be served things that don’t serve us?

I often think about people’s souls. Is your relationship with them part of your soul contract? What if you weren’t meant to have that particular child, or marry that particular husband, or have that type of mother or be in that job? Are we all put on this earth to finish our soul contracts? Have we all been here before in different incarnations, and if so, how do we play this one out?

I often think, why is it that people give you “sound bites” with no actual meaning to the words they are speaking?

I often think, why is it when you look back at your life that everything you thought about and cared about changes? If it does, why do we think about its gravity and weight of it? Why can’t we view it as weightless and move the fuck on? Let’s come clean.

But what are we really saying when we use these words to describe our feelings? It is the ego’s way of saying I feel crappy, so I am now going to defend myself by labeling you so I can feel better about myself. How can we Shift our Shit to lose this bullshit of a word and find the fulfillment we are all looking to truly feel?

By understanding how our brain functions and we can feel ourselves from our thoughts around our situations and find the inner peace, we are seeking in all of our lives.

Instead of reacting, we can go inside and view what is causing the reaction and come from our truth.

Let’s shift:

Who Do You Want To Be?

  1. Physically
  2. Emotionally
  3. Mentally
  4. Spiritually

Another shift can be: SMART.

  • S=Specific Simple
  • M=Measurable and meaningful to you
  • A=As if now Achievable ( All areas of your life)
  • R=Realistic Responsible/Ecological – The unconscious mind does not know the difference between real and fantasy
  • T=Timed Toward What You Want – Write your timeframe and success of what you want in that time frame.


  • Fear
  • Chasing perfection
  • Need to please
  • Toxic relationships
  • Comparison
  • Past mistakes
  • Self-doubt
  • Things you have no control over

Shifting Your Shit:
It starts with boundary setting. Boundary setting is finding out what your Must Have’s, Non-Negotiable, and negotiables are. Once you have established this in your mind and set it into your body, everything you do, say, act upon comes from this space.

  • Negotiables
  • Non-Negotiable’s
  • Negotiable’s
  • Must-Haves

When we sit in our shit, we continually crap all over ourselves. When we sit in our truth, magical universal shifts take form, and our worlds become a cleaner, healthier place to be. Are you ready to come clean and surrender to what is for you?

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