Are you ready SUPERCHARGE the second half of your life?
Real World Strategies To Land Your Dream Career In Your 40s & Beyond
What is that ONE THING your heart has always gravitated to?
You had gone through your life supporting others. You've gived your live to allow the people that matter the most to you to be happy. And you have succeded... 

But now the time has come to finally support your passion and your heart calls.
Introducing: Getting Bolder, Not Older
A 5-Week Empowerment One-On-One to learn how to land high-level opportunities in your 40s and beyond.
Raise Your Hand If You...
Had gone through your life supporting your family and finally decided to support your passion
Want to re-insert yourself in the market after a long break
Are looking for a major career change in your 40+
Want to start a business for the first time in your midlife
Want to connect with other folks in your same situation
Normal Price: $997
Just $3,000
Apply Now!
Limited Spots Available.

5 weeks via Zoom. 
Monthly retainer engagement with weekly sessions + unlimited inquiries in between sessions

Don't take my word for it...
Hear what other Bold people have to say.
These inspiring folks have redifined the second half of their lives using the powerful techniques of Getting Bolder. 
The 3 Reasons Why You Should Join Getting Bolder.
Reason 1:  It's your life. If not now, when?
Reason 2: You are wiser, more experienced.
Reason 3: You need a community to network
It's never too late to land your Dream Career.
Learn real-world strategies to land your dream career in your 40s and beyond.
Yes, Show me how!
As founder of YourCareerDesignLab, a premiere career coaching firm specializing in architect, designing and curating each individuals career goals. We help you to craft, tell and sell your individual story, teach you on how to articulate your story, develop career strategies and build networking opportunities to walk through the career mine fields and into your dream career.

I am a Serial Entrepreneur with 30 years of PR & Marketing experience.

For 30 years, I has been an entrepreneur and CEO of two highly successful public relations and marketing firms. Real Life Communications and Marketing in New York City responsible for introducing fashion, beauty and luxury products to the marketplace. My second company, FreshConnect Solutions brought online solutions and marketing strategies to businesses that have become well known brands.

I has been responsible for placing clients in numerous national publications including New York Times, New York Post, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times and Huffington Post to name a few. In addition, many of my clients have appeared on CNN, CBS This Morning, Good Morning America and The View. My background allows me to help navigate young adults and adults alike the same ability to find their rightful place in their career spotlight.


Q1: I have been a stay-at-home mom for the last 15 years... how am I going to explain that gap?

Whatever you've been doing can be turned into a value, you just have to learn how to articulate it.

What I've found works best with my clients is to go back into a time when you felt confident, happy, and excited about what you were doing in life. Then, we take what you have been doing now and craft that into a story that, no matter what, can be told with confidence and conviction. If you share a powerful personal story that connects emotionally with others, you will stand out, despite your gap.

Q2: I have never worked in my dream career, who will take me seriously in a completely new industry? 

I get this question a lot. And my invitation is to challenge any limiting beliefs that get in your way. Instead of focusing on being a newbie in the industry, focus on the diversity opportunity and the innovation that you might bring by not being indoctrinated in the industry - that's a strength right there.

In today's marketplace, there is no longer a linear progression. Businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, and companies are all looking for various skill-sets, mindsets, work backgrounds, and numerous other values. The purpose of this workshop is to identify them and align them with the company's responsibilities and job requirements.   

Q3: My dream career in my 50s, sounds more like a hobby at this point. Is this workshop for me? 

Hobbies today have turned into side-hustles - it is happening all the time. Side-hustles when crafted and marketed today become your dream career. Therefore, yes - this workshop is for you.

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