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Module 1: Your Passion, Your Story, Your Power

✅Lesson 1 : Who Are You?
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What's inside the Dream Career Toolkit

This of your Toolkit as having a career coach sitting next to you giving you the step-by-step path and being your GPS to landing your Dream Career.


In this module, we go over the course steps and I'll share the case study of Sophia to demostrate what storytelling can do for you.
Program Overview
Case Study: How this method landed the 5 interviews Sophia went to.

Module 1. Your Passion, Your Story, Your Power

Learn who you are and how to overcome limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of your power, confidence and conviction. Together, we'll explore your passions.
Who Are You?
How to overcome limiting beliefs?
[PDF] TA-DA! List

Module 2. Storytelling for Career Advancement

The ins and outs of telling a powerful story. You will learn how to put a powerful story that create an emotion for people to feel who you are and connect more authentically with people. 
What makes a good story & how to create your own

Module 3. Interview Readiness

Learn what makes you stand out as a candidate and what to answer to the proverbial questions they'll ask you. This course teaches how to be memorable in your interviews.
Turn Your Interview Into a Conversation
[PDF] The proverbial questions you'll get asked in an interview

Module 4. Branded Resume

Learn how to put your stories into a branded resume and how to write a killer cover letter that shows you understand the job at hand and why you are the best candidate.
The #1 mistake people do in their Resumes
How to write a cover letter
How to write a cover letter

Module 5. Create your Network and learn how to Follow-up

In today's world it's all about who you know, not what you know. Learn how to expand your network and getting your foot in the door.
Advanced Networking Techniques For Young Professionals
A Step-By-Step Blueprint To Get Your Foot In The Door

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1: Who is this course for?

This course is from anyone ranging from going into college, coming out of college, 20 somethings, 30 something resets, and bolder not older individuals looking to transcend into their passion and purpose. For college graduates, this is the GPS everyone needs to navigate the career mindfields and eliminate sending resume after resume with no results. This is a result oriented program geared towards landing you your dream career.

Question #2: What if I already graduated and have no experience in my Dream Career?

Answer: We will find it with you. This program is designed to go find out who you are and weave your authentic personality with your career path or school work thus far. We will show you how to craft, tell and sell your unique story and show you how to role play it so that you can bring your value to the interview and change the interview into a memorable conversation and experience.

Question #3: What if I want to change career paths?

Answer: No problem. Everyone at some point will so you are not alone. We will show you how to pivot and change direction and take all that you have learned and show you ways to change paths without having to go down a rocky road. We will find what your passion is now and teach you how to tell that story from your passion.

Question #4: What If I don’t know what my passion is?

Answer: You don’t have to, what you need is the willingness to find it and then with this program put it into your pursuits. With our unique TA DA mind mapping system we will take you on a journey of self discovery and excavate who you are when you were young, lost in your passion, joy, happiness and when time was lost because you were in the flow before your mom called you for dinner. Everyone has or had a passion, but somewhere along the line got buried in the rubble of life.

Question #5: How long does this course take to complete?

Answer: Completely up to you. If you are ready to land your dream career you can move through the modules quickly. If you are just in the process of learning more about yourself and what you really want to pursue then take all the time in the world. It’s at your pace.

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