Meet Debra Olshan Cooper

Founder, Your Career Design Lab

After 30 years in public relations and marketing, I have crafted the art of pitching yourself to employers and landing your dream career.

Has Spoken at:

As founder of YourCareerDesignLab, a premiere career coaching firm specializing in architect, designing and curating each individuals career goals. We help you to craft, tell and sell your individual story, teach you on how to articulate your story, develop career strategies and build networking opportunities to walk through the career mine fields and into your dream career.

I am a Serial Entrepreneur with 30 years of PR & Marketing experience.

For 30 years, I have been an entrepreneur and CEO of two highly successful public relations and marketing firms. Real Life Communications and Marketing in New York City responsible for introducing fashion, beauty and luxury products to the marketplace. My second company, FreshConnect Solutions brought online solutions and marketing strategies to businesses that have become well known brands.

I have been responsible for placing clients in numerous national publications including New York Times, New York Post, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times and Huffington Post to name a few. In addition, many of my clients have appeared on CNN, CBS This Morning, Good Morning America and The View. My background allows me to help navigate young adults and adults alike the same ability to find their rightful place in their career spotlight.

My Mission:

To lead young professionals on a journey of self discovery of who they are and how to put their passions into a paycheck.

Writing and producing clients stories to bring them to their rightful place in the spotlight, just like I did for 30 years placing people on television and in newspaper or magazines. I have experience in designing and producing stories on behalf of my clients to craft the perfect pitch.

In addition, to crafting, telling and selling a client’s story I am instrumental in guiding the client through role-playing, branding a resume and designing a killer cover letter. Once the client is ready for their close up, I will open the doors for the client to garner their dream career. I guide the client step by step through the career land mines and into their perfect career.

I am a graduate of New York University with a BA in communications and journalism. Certified in Mindfulness Training, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programing) certified practitioner, and certified in advertising and marketing from New York University. Debra and her husband reside in South Florida and New York City. My daughter is a business major at Montclair State University in New Jersey.

For more information, e-mail info@yourcareerdesignlab.com; or contact Debra at 917 -847-8035.

Why Hire Me

I architect and design the right processes to find the right career. Not only a person’s first career, but ongoing. It’s a unique, very personal process not just about resumes, cover letters, but more importantly in my mind is the ability to shape you into the right candidate for a particular job or career. How to tell your story in a way that is memorable where the interviewer is urged to take action. In addition, my networking capabilities ensure to find you the right mentor, interviewer, industry experts, and people that do hiring at major firms that you would want to be employed at. It’s a relationship that I wish existed when I was first looking for my career over 20 years ago.

More importantly, it doesn’t stop at the first job. Once you achieve that first job, it might be how to network within your firm to get to the next position or ask for a raise. I have a network of CEOs, executives, business owners that all communicate with me about what they continually hear and what they more importantly “Want to hear” from you!

A career coach is a very valuable relationship and I would encourage you sincerely to have a conversation about what I can offer and how it might be beneficial for you now, but likely over your career. Here are some of the reasons a person like me can land you your dream career.

  • I have helped numerous people and clients to find a better path in work and in life.
  • I help you to craft, tell and sell your story.
  • Discuss what hasn't worked and set you in a new direction.

What is the career path you want, not just getting a job. I can explain how crucially different this is and how an interviewer can tell a candidate that is looking for a job with them vs. a career. Nobody wants to spend money and time training someone that will leave and the training and ramp up time is a cost to the firm, so are you the right person to spend the money on. These questions and more are what you need to overcome on paper and in the interview. This is what I and YourCareerDesignLab can do for you.

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