Transform Your Medical Career: Master Storytelling for Your Specialization Interview

Fast-Track One On One Coaching Program To Land Your Medical Career

In 5 weeks with Debra you will:


Excavate who you are and your passion for the medical profession and how to it came to be.


Craft a story that will have you stand out in your personal statement.


Engage and connect during specialization interviews by learning the techniques that connect you and build rapport from the minute you sit down.


Shape your medical identity with authenticity, in a field where technical expertise meets compassionate care, presenting a genuine and engaging professional persona is key.


Prepare for the interviewing process that has you confident and convinced why the medical profession is your career choice and why you should be chosen.



Short-cut months of frustration.
Avoid the endless cycle of specialization applications and silence. With my guidance, you'll craft compelling narratives for your interviews, transforming your approach into a targeted, efficient journey towards your dream specialization. Together, we'll navigate this path, ensuring a seamless and successful experience.
By working with me, we’ll strategize your path to success with a frustration-free experience.
It’s not ANY job, it’s your dream career in a highly competitive and selective process.
This isn't about securing just any position—it's about achieving the medical specialization that sets your heart alight. My proven approach won’t land you any job, I’ll land your dream career, the one where your eyes spark when you talk about it. I will turn your passion into words that can be conveyed in interviews as to the “why” but also how to connect and develop repore with those that you may be one day working with.
Get a career boost with powerful connections.
More than WHAT you know, is WHO you know. Expanding your network and being able to impress people who are highly influential in your industry is the MOST important thing you can do for your career. We’ll make that happen to give you a LIFETIME boost in your career.

The FASTEST way toward your dream career.

The reason why my approach is so effective is because it’s simple. Landing your dream career comes down to only 3 things:


Knowing Yourself

Accessing your inner-most source of power: Your passion.


Selling Your Story

Creating and building a unique story that brings value.


Navigating the Specialization Landscape
Align narrative with directors' expectations for memorable specialization fit.
Phase 1
Life is too short to pursue a shallow lifestyle, you deserve to be passionate about your work.
Together we face the biggest obstacle between you and your dream career. That might be:

- Not knowing who you are and how to convey your passion
- How to put your passions into your pursuits
- Fears around not landing your specialization
- Fears around money-making
- Family expectations
- Why your specialty is important to you
Phase 2
For you to really stand out, you need to own your story. Storytelling is the most important tool to build rapport in job interviews – stories are memorable.
I will teach you the strategy to knowing what to put in your personal statement in a story form as well as being able to articulate that story in an interview as if you were the director of your own Netflix movie. Compelling, intriguing, suspenseful and dramatic
Phase 3
Navigating the Specialization Landscape
Understand program directors' expectations and tailor your story accordingly.

Show your dedication, expertise, and suitability for the specialty to make a lasting, memorable impact in your medical specialization interviews.


Debra works with selected clients, and at moments there is a waitlist.

This premium program is not inexpensive. But the question you have to ask yourself is, are you worth becoming a Doctor in your specialized field?
To start, you’ll need to fill-out the form to be pre-selected and schedule an introductory session.
All Access
5-week program with weekly sessions + unlimited inquiries in between sessions for:

$ 3,500


Hourly Rate
Work in a specific problem with Debra

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