Media Appearances

It's a connected world. Debra has spoken in pretigious university, media networks and podcast. 

Here are some of our favorites apperances.

Webinars & Media Appearances

Molloy College

How to Tell Your Story 
When you to feel confident, assured of yourself and you are able to tell your story in an authentic way - great things happen.

Emma B. Perez

How to Network Like A Rock Star
So honored to be a part of the Emma B. Perez webinar on How to Network Like A Rock Star. Here I discuss how to bridge the gap between college and real life.

Redefine Parenting

How To Throw Your Kids Out of the Nes
Veenu Keller, Veenu Inspires, Campbell University, PeopleKeys, Debra Olshan Cooper, Your Career Design Lab, New York University, Spanglish Sports World, H.E.R. Network, Zingo TV, CityTV Toronto, Bell Media, Rogers Communications, Corus Entertainment, Disney, Turner, CNN, CBS, NBC, Univision.

HOB Music Forward Live Nation

How to Nail Job Interviews
When your passion is your profession and your purpose is to share it with today’s young adults finding their journey. Thank you HOB Music Forward Live Nation for giving me the platform to educate and enlighten career dreamers.

NBC Six In The Mix

Do’s & Dont’s of writing resumes
Thank you NBC Six In The Mix for allowing me to share with your audience the do’s and dont's of writing your resume and communicating your story in a way that gets your story sold and your career going.

Live Nation

Network Like A Pro
Thank you Live Nation for inviting me on the music industry panel “Network Like A Pro.” Great day sharing wisdom and steps on how to tell their story and how to connect with insiders that can help YOU achieve your dreams.

Growth and Thriving with 
Dr. Victoria Grinman

Being EMPOWERING and not INPOWER of your child's life
The reality of it is that we can pretend (to be joyful, fulfilled, calm, kind) …but pretending is not sustainable. And it is hard work! Ugh. If we're not feeling great, it feels ten times harder to pretend to be.

Adelphi University

The Hero’s Journey 
Adelphi University esteemed business school, MBA and Under Graduate students learning about the Hero’s Journey of finding their dream careers by first finding themselves.

Acadium Plus Workshop

Tips on Storytelling for Career Progression
Imagine if you… 
Could Wow! people when you tell your story, feel confident and have conviction to land your dream career, hear back when you send your branded resume and were able to turn any interview into a conversation.


My Fourth Act Podcast

What Liz Taylor Taught Me About Telling a Great Story
Born in Beverly Hills, a Runway Model in Paris and Milan, Muse to Roberto Cavalli, PR Frontwoman for Elizabeth Taylor, groundbreaking AIDS Charity Promoter and the top Fashion Publicist in Manhattan.
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The Dan Smolen Podcast

Personal Storytelling Builds Brilliant Careers
Questions that get to the heart of clients’ career journeys. What were you doing when you were truly happy, when you felt joy, when you felt passion? Let’s go back to that space!

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All Things College & Career

Turn Your Story Into an Amazing Career
Turn Your Story Into an Amazing Career with PR Expert and Founder of Your Career Design Lab, Debra Olshan Cooper. Full of great career tips for recent college graduates and it is a fun interview.
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Radio X

COACH the COACH: Debra Olshan Cooper.
So happy to have had a most incredible conversation about Your Career Design Lab with podcast host and now dear friend Sandy Joy Weston on your show Let’s Keep It Real. Boy, did we ever.

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Follow The Brand Podcast

The Great Reinvention featuring Debra Olshan Cooper.
Debra Olshan Cooper discovered a disconnect in which kids coming out of college have a gap in the job market. Young professionals today need collaboration, cooperation, and a need to be valued.

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Mastering Overwhelm

Discovering and Living Your Passion with Debra Cooper.
What it takes to turn your passion into a career, why it’s not too late for anyone to do what fulfills them. The role of contemplative practices in discovering our life’s mission and how we can reconcile responsibility, passion, and career.
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Grow Strong Leaders

Craft Your Unique Story and Land Your Dream Career
Want to stand out from every other candidate when you’re being considered for a new position or a promotion? You’ll find out the exact approach she uses with clients to uncover their true talents and passion.
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KORE Women Podcast

Helping Others Turn Passions Into A Paycheck
The Great Reinvention featuring Debra Olshan Cooper.
How I founded and ran two very successful PR firms, “Real Life Communications and Marketing” in New York City responsible for introducing fashion, beauty and luxury products to the marketplace.
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Think Magazine

Is Your College Graduate Ready to Go From College Life to Real Life?
Congratulations, your child has just graduated from four years at college! You have paved the way for their education, but are they educated on how to go from college life to real life? Debra Olshan Cooper is here to help.
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Nectar News

The Mad Woman
Debra Cooper, founder of the Your Career Design Lab has cultivated a team of young women who are creating accessible resources for seniors living in New York during this global Covid-19 pandemic.
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Nectar News

Architect, Designing and Curating Dream Careers
Debra helps to take the wheel and guide grads step by step to insure they arrive at their final destination – their dream career.  Her unique career coaching is called Your Career Design Lab. Nectar News had the privilege of sitting down with Debra to learn more.
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New York Post

For kids today, summer camp’s about resume-padding, not fun
The academic-camp trend is spurred on by the college-admissions process, says Debra Olshan Cooper, founder of a career-coaching company for undergrads, Your Career Design Lab. Admissions officers often look for niche activities on kids’ applications.
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New York Post

Entitled Gen Z workers want raises, promotions just for showing up
At YourCareerDesignLab it is our goal to set you on your way to career success. According to the New York Post article on Gen Z, Cooper states, “You don’t get a raise because you exist. It’s something you earn.” She blames the eyebrow-arching stats on poor parenting.
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