Lack Of Confidence, The #1 Obstacle in Getting The Way of Your Dream Career

Written by Debra Olshan Cooper,
President and Founder of Your Career Design lab

What is your #1 obstacle getting in the way of your Dream Career? 

That was the single-question survey I sent some of you a few weeks ago.

The overwhelming response was: lack of confidence.

It didn’t surprise me and you probably knew that already. What you might not know is what erodes your confidence and how to gain it back. 

The moment you lost yourself.

Lack of confidence comes from not knowing who you are. When did you lose contact with your inner energy? Let’s take a dive.

Kids are naturally curious, if we let them explore, curiosity turns into Passion. That is why in my TA-DA List, I ask “What is one thing that you could do for hours when you were a kid until your mom called you in for dinner?”

Passion is great, but not sufficient, let your passion manifest and you will find purpose – that is adding meaning to your passion. To follow your purpose, you need autonomy, the freedom to put your passion into your pursuits. 

You can imagine where things begin to go wrong.

We weren’t given autonomy as kids, our role models and systems discouraged us from manifesting our natural traits. Curiosity-based learning wasn’t a thing in your school.

Then the big F-word came… FEAR

Fear of not making enough money. Fear of disappointing your family….

There are three AHA! moments my clients typically go through.

  1. The moment they realize they have never asked themselves “What do I want?” and start wondering.
  2. The moment they remember the things they used to love and start dreaming of possibilities.
  3. And the moment they acknowledge they are adults now and have autonomy and they start ACTING.

Gaining your confidence back

Gaining your confidence to pursue your Dream Career starts with excavating who you are, getting clarity of purpose, tackling limiting beliefs, and getting tools for career advancement. 

That is pretty much what the Dream Career Formula is all about. Think of it as a condensed cocktail with all you need to gain ownership of YOUR life. 

Throughout the 6-weeks, we work on two simultaneous axis Self-empowerment and Career Advancement, the thread that binds these two axes together is Storytelling

You can learn all about this program at this link:

IMPORTANT: Enrollment closes on Monday, May 16th at 5 pm ET or until I fill the group. 

To keep it intimate and to ensure quality, I limit these groups to 10 people. Don’t miss your seat.

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