How To Change Your Thinking To Win Everyday

Written by Debra Olshan Cooper,
President and Founder of Your Career Design lab

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with some of my former students and clients about their lives and what changed for them coming into Your Career Design Lab. Not to be morbid, but I felt like I was at my own funeral and people whose lives were changed came to give homage to the life they are living now due to the work we did together.

I was humbled and honored. But the truth is, getting the life YOU want comes from YOU. All you need to do is reset your mindset. 

Follow your bliss

In the movie, “Finding Joe” the story about author Joseph Campbell who coined the term “Follow Your Bliss” states that we are born golden, we are the Buddha we are all-knowing until the people we know, have other thoughts and those thoughts take over who we are at our essence. In our 20s we start to see that maybe their thoughts were not our own and the struggle begins.

How do we go back to that place when we were in our rooms or outside and got lost in our essence, joy, peace, happiness, and passion before our mom called us in for dinner?

How do we go back to that state of purity that aligned with the very essence of our soul’s purpose?

You may go, “OMG, I have been feeling lost, empty, at a crossroads but don’t know where to turn or go.” Listen to former clients who were in the exact same boat as you until we were able to use some GPS skills that reset their boat and allowed them to set sail into waters that became vast and wide open.


It all lies in your beautiful fucked up mind.

Do we continue to believe others or do we reset and become attune to who we are at our essence and change our mindset to meet our goals and dreams? Everyone has conflicts and there are no emulated perceptions only flawed perceptions. Do you tell yourself stories that are not true? Do you tell stories that have no factual backup? If so, you are doing yourself a huge injustice and your dreams and goals for yourself seem like a mirage, in your eyes view the dream is in the far distance, but what if?


What if you were cool and comfortable in your own skin and you gave yourself daily wins and celebrated yourself every day? What if you believed in yourself, your dreams, your goals? What would that look like? How can you stop self-protecting and self-soothing and start to celebrate yourSELF?

It’s time for your 20-year-old self to come to know you now. You are not your 10-year-old self that was booed off the stage during Music Man. You are not the young girl who was not asked to the prom or wasn’t asked by the  Prom king as you had hoped. You are not your parent’s wishes and hopes for your future.

The 20s and 30s are about finding out who you are and what makes you; YOU!


Rest your mindset and you will begin to see a shift in how you look through the lens of your life. You will see a wider, more beautiful picture of what you can create. By understanding your model of the world you will grow and be able to see other’s worlds as well. 


So what do you want to reset in your life? What career would be your dream career? What, if you are able to change your mindset then what would you truly be able to achieve in your life? Like all of these young people who changed their lives, you too can begin your journey today.

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