Do You Believe in Magic? How Your Thinking Can Create Your Reality In Making Deep Career Connections and Life-Long Friendships

Written by Debra Olshan Cooper,
President and Founder of Your Career Design lab

The truth about creating a magical life! It is not the University you are attending or attended, the high school you went to, or the families you were born into, no matter how great your family is, it is the Universe and all its abundance and gifts when attuned to and attended to where your greatest connections live and where true, deep friendships can be fostered and life long connections are made.

Discovering a Kindred Spirit Online

Two years ago, I started following a woman named Andrea Koppel on LinkedIn. She wrote a blog every day that wasn’t about self-promotion or advice from scholars, business people, or companies. She seemed like a Lone Ranger, sharing what she cared about in the LinkedIn universe. I was instantly drawn to her narrative, which closely matched my own. Her blog became my “go-to” viewing on LinkedIn, and I slowly began commenting on her posts. Andrea responded with such positivity and energy that I thought this is somebody I could be friends with.

One October, I arrived in New York City, where I spend half of my time. I had many thoughts about how I might reach out to Andrea, imagining us having coffee and discussing our lives. Despite my attempts to pitch myself for her podcast, which focused on college-age young adults, I couldn’t find Andrea in New York City or the surrounding area.

An Unexpected Connection

The next day, I had a coffee meeting with a colleague at Bergdorf Goodman on 5th Avenue. As we spoke about our lives. My colleague friend mentioned she was struggling with connecting on LinkedIn, I mentioned that I was making great connections and went on to discuss my correspondence with Andrea Koppel. To my astonishment, my colleague friend replied, “You mean my sister-in-law?!!!” I almost fell out of my chair. The universe had connected me with Andrea’s sister-in-law!!! I asked her to write an email to Andrea, mentioning our interactions on LinkedIn. Two months later, Andrea and I set aside a 15-minute conversation, which turned into a two-hour discussion. Our lives were more connected than I had imagined, and we continued to set aside time to chat every few months.

The Blossoming of a Lifelong Friendship

Two years later, Andrea has visited me in Florida and New York City. We spent three days exploring museums, art galleries, plays, and yes, we had coffee! We are now confidantes and collaborators on many ideas and thoughts about our future endeavors. How was it possible that the universe brought me Andrea’s sister-in-law to connect us? How did everything I envisioned about our friendship come to fruition?

This kind of unexplainable science of the universe, with its abundance of gifts, is pure magic. We just have to be in a space to receive it and not be afraid of it, no matter how unconventional it may seem. Andrea and I are now soul sisters. Our mutual admiration has turned into a true friendship, and we speak once or twice a week. We are each other’s “go-to” and “ride or die.” Watching each of us grow into our potential is a true gift that can only be described as magical.

In fact, Andrea will soon launch her second podcast entitled, “This Magic Life” (for over 5 years, her first podcast, Time4Coffee, has featured interviews with 350+ professionals across dozens of industries, discussing their careers and jobs). This time she is interviewing incredible guests, including Joe Dispenza, David Asprey, Steven Kotler, and Hala Taha. Andrea created This Magic Life to inspire people to stop fearing their future and start creating a career and life they love. Her podcast features stories about how embracing serendipitous encounters, events, and experiences (both good and bad) led her guests to discover their perfect paths—and how you can too. You can’t make this shit up. Trust me, you will want to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode and learn the lessons that only come from magic.

Conclusion: Embrace Serendipity

In my own company, Your Career Design Lab, my sole purpose is to teach every client that their passion and purpose are not outside themselves but inside. By tapping into everything we already know, even if we don’t know that we know it, we can access our potential. Andrea, in her podcast, allows her guests to further explore this concept. When this inner knowledge is found, it is phenomenal.

Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel, Your Career Design Lab, for stories about people who shared their stories and how they became passionate professionals. I love to share how professionals discover and find their passion and put it to their purpose, not in typical conventional ways but in ways that can only be described as magical.

Do you believe in magic?

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