Case Studies

Hear from other people who have landed their dream careers using the power of their stories. Get ready to get inspired.

How I Got Rid of Interview Anxiety and Landed My Dream Career

Interview With Brandon Roth

How I Changed My Life by Finding My Personal Stories

Interview With Kate Floberg

Overcoming the Belief That Your Dream is Only a Hobby

Interview With Christine Cantor

Love Your Life, Love Your Career

Interview With Sofia Moreno

How I Landed All 5 Interviews I Went To

Interview With Brian Tierney

How My Story Became My Superpower

Interview With Matthew Lou

How I Lost the Fear of Becoming an Actor

Interview With Charles Settles Jr.

NBC Six In The Mix

Do’s & Dont’s of writing resumes
Thank you NBC Six In The Mix for allowing me to share with your audience the do’s and dont's of writing your resume and communicating your story in a way that gets your story sold and your career going.

Live Nation

Network Like A Pro
Thank you Live Nation for inviting me on the music industry panel “Network Like A Pro.” Great day sharing wisdom and steps on how to tell their story and how to connect with insiders that can help YOU achieve your dreams.

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